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Pittsburgh’s Historic Homes: Preserving and Upgrading Their Security
For centuries, Pittsburgh has been home to stunning historic homes. These architectural gems hold a special place in the hearts of locals and attract tourists worldwide. But as these beautiful homes continue to exist, they also face increased security risks.
While many may believe that historic homes are already equipped with strong security measures, the truth is that they often lack modern advancements in security technology. This makes them vulnerable to break-ins and other security breaches.
If you are a homeowner of a historic property in Pittsburgh, it is crucial to prioritize preserving and upgrading your home’s security. Not only does this ensure the safety of your family and belongings, but it also helps preserve the historical value of your home for future generations to enjoy.

How Often Do Home Break-Ins Occur?

Historic Home Security - AA Locksmith PittsburghAccording to a study conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), it is estimated that around 2.5 million burglaries occur annually, with 66% of them being home invasions. A break-in occurs roughly every 15 seconds in the U.S.
With 46.9% of people living without a security system installed in their homes, many people in Pittsburgh and across the U.S. are at risk.
In some cases, thieves may target historic homes due to their perceived high value and potential lack of security measures. With the rise in modern technology, it has become easier for burglars to bypass traditional locks and gain access to homes.

Upgrading Locks: A Simple Yet Effective Solution

Investing in high-quality locks is one way to upgrade your historic home’s security. Traditional locks may be charming and fitting for the style of your home, but they can easily be picked up or bypassed by burglars.
Upgrading to modern, durable locks will provide better protection against break-ins. Some of your secure lock options include:
  • Deadbolts: These locks offer an extra layer of security as they require a key to be opened from both the inside and outside. They are also resistant to lock-picking techniques.
  • Smart Locks: This type of lock uses a digital code or smartphone app to unlock your door. They are almost impossible to pick, making them a great option for protecting your historic home.
  • Keyless Entry Systems: These advanced systems eliminate the need for keys altogether and use codes or biometrics to grant access. They are secure and convenient for those who frequently lose their keys.
If you’ve recently purchased the home, it is crucial to change the locks and get new keys to ensure anyone with an old key cannot gain entry to your home.

Install a Security Surveillance System

In addition to upgrading your locks, adding a security surveillance system is another essential step in preserving and upgrading the security of your historic home.
CCTV cameras or IP CCTV cameras are great options for monitoring and deterring potential intruders. These cameras can capture high-quality footage of any suspicious activity, making identifying and catching criminals easier. They may also serve as a deterrent, discouraging criminals from breaking in altogether.
  • CCTV Cameras- These cameras use a fixed communications link between cameras and monitors, which are connected using wires and cables. The analog cameras will be connected to the DVR for recording as well as live monitoring. With the modern DVR, homeowners can live stream the video over the network through their phone or P.C.
  • IP CCTV Cameras- These are digital cameras that can be monitored through the Internet. They connect to the wireless network or the Ethernet, and the video stream is recorded on a centralized NVR. Multiple cameras at different locations can be monitored through your P.C. or mobile device. While they can be more expensive, they are an effective, quality option that can be updated rather than becoming obsolete.
Not only do security surveillance systems provide protection against break-ins, but they also offer peace of mind when you are away from your home. You can remotely monitor your property through a smartphone or computer, ensuring everything is secure.

Preserving the History of Pittsburgh’s Homes

As a homeowner of a historic property in Pittsburgh, it’s important to preserve its history and legacy. By taking steps to upgrade your home’s security, you are protecting your interests and preserving your home’s historical value for future generations.
You are also helping preserve the safety and well-being of yourself and the loved ones with whom you share your home, ensuring your home has proper security and protection even more critical.

Can I Upgrade My Security Myself?

While there are some DIY options for upgrading your home’s security, it is always best to consult a professional locksmith. They have the expertise and knowledge to recommend and install the most suitable and secure locks for your historic home. Additionally, they can advise on the best locations for installing CCTV cameras and ensure proper installation. If you try to install new locks or cameras yourself, you risk improper installation, which can render them ineffective and leave you vulnerable to a break-in.
Incorporating modern security technology into your historic home may seem daunting, but it is necessary to ensure its safety and longevity.

Why You Should Choose AA Locksmith Pittsburgh

At AA Locksmith Pittsburgh, we understand the importance of preserving and upgrading the security of historic homes. Our team of experienced locksmiths can provide reliable advice and services to help secure your home without compromising its historic charm. From upgrading and relying on locks to installing state-of-the-art surveillance camera systems, we can provide you with a reliable and efficient way to keep your historic home safe.
Don’t wait until it’s too late – upgrade your locks and install a surveillance system to preserve and upgrade the security of your historic Pittsburgh home. The future generations will thank you for it. So, don’t hesitate to take action to secure your home today by calling A.A. Locksmith Pittsburgh!

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