Commercial Locksmith Services


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Commercial Locksmith Services

In the business locksmith field there are likewise ceaseless updates to safety efforts; since hoodlums are continually refreshing their techniques to pick up section so are our business locksmiths expanding the security at your business so the trouble maker’s endeavors are fruitless.

Commercial Lock Installation

Commercial locks come in a variety of styles in order to match the needs of a particular company’s requirements and the type of door that the lock rests on. We can unlock any type of lock on any entrance way that you have without damaging it in anyway. Our services include unlocking the following types of door locks:

  • Stainless steel door locks
  • Locks on glass doors
  • Hotel/Motel doors
  • Heavy duty balanced doors
  • Automatic electronic door locks
  • Storefront gate locks
  • Revolving doors
  • Steel framed doors
  • Wood framed doors
  • Warehouse garage door locks
  • Electronic wheelchair accessible doors

100% Customer Satisfaction

our customers love us and are always coming back for any commercial locksmith need because we promise to give the best services.

We are also able to help with installing or fixing high security locks as well as installing intercom systems and full security camera systems. No matter the job, we can help out no questions asked!

For more information regarding the advances in AA locksmith Pittsburgh services please call into our friendly customer care team 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we will be able to assist you with whatever locksmith services you desire.



Lock Re-Keying

If you’ve lost the keys to your home or office, lock re-keying is a possible solution.

Smart Home Security

A smart home security device is right for you in case you want the peace of mind that your own home is secure

Automotive Locks

The one area of the field that is constantly changing is the automotive locksmith field

Safes & Locks

The technicians at AA Lockmsith Pittsburgh are skilled in many areas, including safe installation.

Commercial Locksmith

In the business locksmith field there are likewise ceaseless updates to safety efforts....

Video Surveillance

Security Contractors will custom design a video surveillance system to meet your needs



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