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If you’ve lost the keys to your home or office and you’re worried about your security, lock re-keying is a possible solution.

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, house or commercial space, master re-keying your locks is an option to think about. If someone previously occupied the place where you currently reside, you don’t know how many copies of your keys exist. Although previous owners are required to return all copies of the keys they have, you can never be too sure.

Reasons to Re-key

If you’re simply considering a rekey, then it’s probably a good idea — it means that you don’t feel safe with your current locks. You might also want to have your home or building rekeyed for any of the following reasons:

You’ve had a break-in: If someone has accessed your home or building and the locks didn’t hold them back, then you’re due for a rekey. Swap out those locks to regain protection from intruders.

You don’t trust those who have your keys: Did you leave a set of keys with a repairman? Or perhaps your ex has a set of keys to your home. Keep guests out that are no longer welcome.

You’ve fired an employee (or if they quit): You don’t need ex-employees in your building. They can be dangerous. Rekey your locks to keep your staff and your products protected.

You’ve changed roommates: If you’ve changed roommates and you didn’t get the keys back from your last tenant, a rekey can give you peace of mind. Old roommates shouldn’t have access to a space they aren’t renting.

Your locks are failing: If your current locks just don’t work, then a rekey could be the fix. Locks can become loose or difficult to unlock. Replace their components to make them work as they should.

You’ve purchased a new home: It’s wise to have your new home rekeyed, since the previous owners could have a few extra keys lying around. You never know who may have keys to the old locks on your home.

Our locksmiths can rekey your lock to fit a new key so that the old one will no longer fit. Lock re-keying can be done without having to replace the actual lock.

The technicians at AA Locksmith can rekey all the doors in your home or commercial establishment. We service all lock rekeys for houses, apartments, offices, safes and gates. We operate on a 24 hour basis because we understand how urgent these situations can be, so we’re always available to assist you.

Our technicians will arrive promptly to your location after your call is received. Our specialists will work discretely to get you safely back into your home or commercial institution. If you are in need of our Master lock re-keying service or any other locksmith service, give us a call at AA Locksmith Pittsburgh!



Lock Re-Keying

If you’ve lost the keys to your home or office, lock re-keying is a possible solution.

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