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Security Surveillance Systems

CCTV Surveillance is one of the best approache to ensure your business and home are secured. The security cameras has been generally accepted by organizations with the expressed objective of decreasing the illegal activity and unexpected happening around. A good security surveillance system has all the cameras positioned in the right positions, which not only involve in the proper surveillance but it improves productivity and efficiency of the business as well. The surveillance within the office can also ensure that the activities of the staff is maintained on a reasonable level, at the same time, staff is aware that their work activities and utilization of time is also being monitored. At the end, it is your responsibility to monitor your premises, warehouse or office through secured surveillance system provided by us.

Why Choose us aalock smith Pittsburgh for your CCTV Camera Installation?

We providing the Security surveillance camera systems, the way your personal and business needs. Our CCTV team at Project Skills Solutions are here that will help you protect your organization, we are able to counsel you concerning how you could make your premises secure whilst being within affordable constraints. We provide a variety of CCTV services including, design, installation, upgrades and maintenance.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV systems typically involve a fixed communications link between cameras and monitors, using wires and cables. Analog Cameras are connected back to the DVR for recording and Live monitoring. The modern day dvr includes network connectivity that enable the device to live stream the video over the network. The live streaming can be viewed on a remote pc with na management software or any Mobile devices.

IP CCTV Cameras

IP Cameras is a digital camera designed for surveillance, and which can be viewed via the Internet. IP cameras are connect to your wireless network or Ethernet. The video stream will be recorded on a centralized NVR. You can monitor multiple cameras at different locations from a PC or Mobile Device via the Internet.

IP based camera systems are the future of video surveillance. In the short term can be a bit ‘more expensive, but it is obviously an investment in flexibility and superior quality. As the surveillance technology of the future, is not passing a surveillance system based on IP camera anytime soon. You will be able to update and improve this system for years to come, while the old systems become obsolete.

We offer plenty of excellent solutions for video surveillance requirements, including CCTV, IP security cameras, and wireless security cameras. We understand that you can’t be everywhere at once, but with our security systems, you can rest assured that your assets are being monitored for you while you are away.



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